Are there plans to support "real" hardlinks in the near future?

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Frank Thommen

May 10, 2022, 3:21:56 PMMay 10
to beegfs-user

we are currently evaluating beegfs (and other candidates) to partially replace our current SPOF-type NFS setup.  However we ran into the issue, that beegfs doesn't support hardlinks (unless they are in the same directory, which is a big restriction).  We use hardlinks in various circumstances e.g. we create rsync backups with the --link-dest option to save space on unchanged files, we provide a software stack and some installers seem to create hardlinks within their installation.  We also use hardlinks for some special access-management cases ecc.  In almost all cases, these hardlinks are referring to files in different directories.Not having the possibility to create hardlinks is quite a restriction for our use case.

The last question regarding this topic that I could find in this forum is a few years old and has never been answered.  Therefore I'd like to ask, if the support for non-directory-restricted hardlinks is concretely planned for some of the next versions of beegfs or rather not.

Cheers, Frank
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