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Apr 29, 2020, 5:37:38 PM4/29/20
to Felton LUG, SIR Branch 36 COMPUTER GROUP
Here's hoping everyone is staying healthy and safe.

The normal meeting time for the Felton Linux User's Group is the first
Saturday of the month, which would be this Saturday, May 2nd. Obviously,
these are not normal times, but that doesn't mean we can't use modern
technology to 'social distance' and still meet.

Jitsi is looking to be a rather nice way to video conference, so the
proposal is to meet online at our usual meeting time of 1:00 PM,
Saturday, May 2nd at https://meet.jit.si/FeltonLUG2020

The main point of the meeting will be to just get a feel for using
Jitsi, ask questions and maybe decide whether to have more meetings like
this and how often. We can also discuss anything else that comes up.

A couple of points:
- If possible, use a Chrome or Chromium based browser. Though Jitsi
works with Firefox, that browser has some limitations that *may* reduce
the performance of the meeting. I personally haven't noticed that in my
testing, but the word is...

- Landscape or 'horizontal' mode is preferable to vertical because it
fits our screens better, if you have that option with your camera.

- Don't be shy. When you first join a meeting you are given the option
to enable your camera and microphone. If you don't enable them no one
will be able to see or hear you, and should you decide you want to join
in on the conversation you'll need to quit the browser and start all
over. You can always temporarily disable the mic and camera once you log
in, providing you enable it when you first join the party.

- When you are connected and in the meeting, you can click the 'tile'
icon in the lower corner to switch to 'tile mode' so you'll be able to
see everyone at once. Clicking on an individual picture will enlarge
that particular feed.

- There are other Jitsi features and tricks we can discuss when we meet.

- Bob has installed Ubuntu 20.04 and can talk about a serious issue that
surfaced and a recommendation.
- Wayne will discuss: Linux AppImage 64-bit of Ungoogled-Chromium (and
what's an AppImage).
- This slot open for anyone else wishing to present an idea, thoughts or

Contact me if you would like to do a test run before Saturday.

So, comb you hair and join us at https://meet.jit.si/FeltonLUG2020

See you there...

831-440-6480 - Cell/SMS
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