Come join our online Linux/Computer/Tech meeting this Saturday

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May 5, 2022, 2:30:40 PM5/5/22
to Wayne

Time: This Saturday at 11:00AM Pacific Time

Possible topics to discuss:

1) Discuss the possibility of meeting at the Felton Library beginning in June.

2) Discuss ways to help more people use Linux and how to provide installation assistance.

3) Pop OS 22.04 is now available based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS:

4) KDE Okasna 5.25 new features:

5) Learn the commands grep and ripgrep:

6) Here is the weekly Ubuntu Newsletter:

7) XFCE is a light weight desktop environment, making it particularly suited for older hardware:

8) Distro Watch is worth looking at considering the plethora of linux distributions. Note that MX Linux is ranked #1 based on Page Hits.

Bring your latest fun computer experiences, problems and solutions to the meeting.

Hope to see you there...


Need to connect?

If you have problems connecting to "Jitsi Meet" through your browser, try the AppImage (for Linux only). It's a single stand-alone file that contains everything needed and doesn't install or make changes to your computer other than the usual config settings. Simply make the AppImage file executable and run it. Quick and easy, plus it will be automatically replaced with new versions as they become available, so you'll always be using the latest.

"Jitsi Meet" applications are located here:
Linux (.deb), Linux (.AppImage), Windows (.exe) and MAC (.dmg)...

Links to the Mobile apps for Apple and Android are here...

Helpful hints:
press ? to list quick shortcuts
press M (mute) to toggle the microphone
press V (video) to toggle the camera
press C (chat) to open the chat window
press Space for 'Push-to-Talk' mode so mic only works when the Space is held down; press M to reset to normal mode

Best Practices:
- Remember to enter a user name at the prompt when launching Jitsi Meet
- Please Mute your microphone (M on the keyboard) when you're not speaking, or hit the Spacebar to enter Push-to-Talk mode. Then, hold it down to talk, release to mute.
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