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S. Patrick Eaton

Aug 1, 2016, 4:00:02 PM8/1/16
Hello, everyone! 

Ryan, this might be an off-list topic, but I'll ask it here for now. 

Do you have any sort of roadmap for the features you wanted to develop for Felix?

For example, I recall that you wanted to implement a plug-in system at one point. Are there other, similar features that you also had lined up? Also, if some of the initial work on the plug-in system is already done, what shape is it in at this point? 

With many thanks in advance for any information you can provide,


Ryan Ginstrom

Sep 5, 2016, 3:35:29 PM9/5/16
> On Behalf Of S. Patrick Eaton
> Do you have any sort of roadmap for the features you wanted to develop for
> Felix?

Sorry for the late reply. I wasn't sure of the answer myself. :)

The TL/DR is I'm only doing technical support right now. When I am able, I plan to work on the biggest deficiencies and bugs before tackling any major features. When I'm semi-retired in a few years I may have more time.

When I first got sick, my priority was to get Felix in a state that wouldn't leave people hanging. This was part of an overall effort to "get my affairs in order" as they say.

Once I had loose ends tied up, my next priority was to ruthlessly eliminate stress. This included cutting way back on my commitments, and leaving a well-paying but stressful job for a less stressful one. I find when I get done with my day job that I don't have much energy for programming any more.

I still provide technical support to Felix users, and handle 2-3 emails per week. Luckily the vast majority cover the following two issues:

- I bought a new computer and lost my key (easy answer: install the latest version, no key required!)
- Office crashed and the Felix add-in got disabled

Even though I have stock answers to those questions, I always write out the response by hand. At Nintendo I learned that users can sense when they're getting a canned answer, and they don't like it.

I also do a very small amount of translation on the side, like 4,000 characters every month or two, and I use Felix for that. This is part of my Plan B for semi-retirement (plan A is a part-time remote development job).

When I'm chilling in my hammock in the Japanese countryside, working 2 days per week, I will probably have enough spare time to work on Felix more. With the things I've picked up working in the AI field, there are lots of cool things I could do that weren't possible even five years ago.

Best Regards,

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