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Jan 26, 2023, 9:53:24 AMJan 26
to FeedBurner Help Group
It appears that when one deactivates a feed, FeedBurner redirects it with a 302 Found which is a temporary redirect. 

We would like, however, to permanently redirect (301/308) our feeds so that Apple, Google and others will change our feed URLs in their system.

I had hoped that Deleting a feed would do that, but it simply results in a 404.

Is there a way to permanently redirect feeds on the "new" FeedBurner platform? If not, is that being considered?

Brian Walker

Jan 26, 2023, 6:07:52 PMJan 26
to FeedBurner Help Group
There is no way to currently do this on the new platform. I'll have to look into the amount of work and feasibility of changing this. Although, I can't make any promises to the timeline of any potential changes.


Jan 26, 2023, 7:13:33 PMJan 26
to FeedBurner Help Group
Thank you! I appreciate your consideration of this. 

For context, if it's not able to be done, then it feels like we'll always have to keep the FeedBurner configuration up for a podcast as it would be difficult to change the URL in all the potential locations. I guess that's alright, but it does create an unnecessary dependency on FeedBurner -- i.e. if your service has any outage, the redirect doesn't work and the feed goes down.

But thanks again. Will wait for any future update.
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