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Mar 11, 2023, 9:36:10 AMMar 11
to FeedBurner Help Group
Hi All, we just redesigned and rebuilt a website using the same URL as the previous (blog) site. The old site (someone else built it and then I inherited it as his developer) was using an old plugin called, "FeedBurner FeedSmith" by Steve Smith to redirect the /feed to the feedburner address so we emulated that set up by downloading and installing the old plugin (b/c it's no longer in the WP repository or supported). 

First, I don't know much about RSS and feeds but I do remember when I used Feedburner for a client many years ago, people subscribed through Feedburner. This client uses ConvertKit and we have ConvertKit sign ups forms on the website. Then, we have an RSS Automation set up at Convertkit which picks up the feed. But we had this set up on the old site too. 

I don't get why the previous developer used the Feedburner redirection and plugin. And do we need to keep it? Can we just change the RSS automation feed to /feed and remove the redirect?

The issue is that it's not working. Even though the redirection is working and the /feed URL redirects to the feedburner URL, the feedburner URL is not picking up new blog posts (and it did on the old site). 

And actually, I removed the redirect from the .htaccess file and the Feedburner plugin and cleared all cache (Website, server and Cloudflare) but it's not working and I can't get any /feed now. 

Can anyone help? 


Mar 11, 2023, 2:35:17 PMMar 11
to FeedBurner Help Group
More succinctly: 

Any techs out there know of a developer or someone who can help with an old Feedburner URL? Someone who might know how to help with why the old feedburner redirect is not picking up the new blog posts on the newly rebuilt site (on the same URL)?When I remove the redirect (/feed to /feedburner), the normal /feed URL picks up the blog posts just fine but when I add the /feedburner redirect back like was on old site, it does not pick up the blog posts.Client has used Convertkit for sign ups and for the RSS feed to go out to his newsletter subscribers since 2020. But, it seems the Feedburner URL needs to be used or redirected b/c it's old (and has been used as primary feed URL and set up by previous developer) for years and there are most certainly subscribers on Feedburner and SEs now use the /feedburner URL for his feed.I'm wondering if instead of keeping the redirect from the /feed to the /feedburner URL, I just add a redirect from the /feedburner to the /feed and that will solve everything. I think that will allow any subscribers on FB to still get the feed and the SEs will still pick up the feed
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