MyBrand not working 48 hours after account migration from FeedBurner to Google

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Mark Wilson

Jan 31, 2009, 6:06:19 PM1/31/09
to FeedBurner Help Group - Feed and Web Statistics
I went though the "upgrade" process to move my account from FeedBurner
to Google and all is not well :-( is redirecting to but the CNAME given to me
for MyBrand ( is not
working so anyone using that (i.e. 95% of my subscribers) are getting
a 404!

It's 48 hours now since I made the DNS change and nslookup tells me
that I'm getting the correct DNS response but that does not exist.


(Using self-hosted WordPress)


Feb 1, 2009, 3:51:00 AM2/1/09
to FeedBurner Help Group - Feed and Web Statistics
I'm having the same problem. The DNS change has definitely
propagated, but there is nothing
at the custom feed url (404). Also using self-hosted WordPress.


Feb 1, 2009, 4:28:36 AM2/1/09
to FeedBurner Help Group - Feed and Web Statistics
FYI, I just had the brilliant idea to try deactivating and
reactivating the MyBrand service, and now the feed is back on its
custom URL as it should be.

Mark Wilson

Feb 1, 2009, 10:50:16 AM2/1/09
to FeedBurner Help Group - Feed and Web Statistics
I was just about to leave a post saying the same thing. A bit of
Googling suggests that this is a common issue (indeed it has been
listed in the known workarounds and common issues blog post since 4
December... perhaps Google/FeebBurner could update the MyBrand
migration instructions (or better still fix the problem)...

...I know this is a free service but FeedBurner has always been
great. Google are certainly not (no response is worse than a "umm...
we're looking into it" response.

Glad to get my feed back. Very unhappy with Google.
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