Fedora Newsletter: April 2021

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Arran Griffith

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Welcome to the April issue of the Fedora Newsletter. In addition to the usual update on the latest developments within our community, we’ve included links to some further reading for your interest.
MEMBERSHIP - We Can't Do It Alone
Fedora is an open-source, community-supported program funded entirely by membership contributions. This funding supports staff to work on developing, teaching, engaging and supporting Fedora users across the globe. Without our members, we would not be able to support the preservation of the vital content contained within the repositories of our users. Find out how you can help. Learn more and become a member today!
Fedora 6 Beta
Last month we announced the Beta release of Fedora 6 and during the weeks following, the tech team has been hard at work wrapping up existing tickets and working alongside institutions who have downloaded and begun testing to gather feedback and see the product in action. While we are not quite at the release candidate stage, the team has been able to close most of the outstanding tickets post-Beta.

With Beta testing underway and positive feedback seen from users thus far, we have not encountered any significant obstacles or issues that would delay Production Release. Currently we are still looking for feedback and more testing to be completed before we can be confident that the software is ready for full-scale community use.

The team has also completed an initial pass of the Migration Validation Utility which we are testing. The utility compares source Fedora 3 data with migrated Fedora 6 data and produces an HTML, CSV or TSV report. A list of tests the utility is capable of running is available on the wiki. You can download, build and test the utility using the instructions here.

We will be conducting a mini-sprint from April 26-30th that will focus on moving the Fedora Camel Toolbox off of OSGI. If you’re interested in helping out with that effort please put your name down here.
Fedora User Group Meetings
In March we hosted our first of two Online User Group Meetings, the first aimed at users in European time zones. It was a successful two-day event that brought together users from all over Europe as well as some from North America who wanted to stop by and see what was happening across the pond. We got some great user stories and were excited to learn how Fedora was being used in different institutions. We compiled all the speaker presentations and notes from the meeting on the wiki here.

You can also find all the speaker presentations on our YouTube channel, so please feel free to head over and see the fabulous info that was presented.

Our next Online User Group Meeting takes place this month and caters to North American time zones. Again, we have 2 great half-day sessions planned and a variety of speakers joining us to present on the progress and development happening within our community. Registration is open now for this event. It is FREE to attend and we are extending the invitation to any and all interested parties, so make sure to spread the word!

DATES: April 13-14, 2021

AGENDA can be found on the wiki here. Don’t miss your chance to see what it is all about! We will also have a member of the Fedora tech team on hand to facilitate a Fedora 6 migration break out session, so get registered and bring all your questions!
IMLS Grant Update: Fedora Migration Paths and Tools
This grant (lg-246264-ols-20) is focused on developing, piloting, and documenting migration tools and paths for upgrading Fedora 3 repositories to Fedora 6. Fedora staff and the grant partners have been working hard on this project and are pleased to share the following updates:

  • The LYRASIS team completed work on a validation tool that will independently validate a Fedora 3 to 6 migration. This tool will be used to validate that the University of Virginia migration has been completed successfully and all data has been migrated without loss.
  • The University of Virginia pilot team is currently working on a new Fedora 3 to 6 migration using the updated migration-utils. Once complete, they will test the migration-validator tool using the newly migrated data compared against the Fedora 3 source data and document the results. The next step is to index this content in their new Fedora 6 instance for further testing and configuration.
  • The Whitman College team has completed an initial installation of Islandora 8 using ISLE and Fedora 6.0 with support for S3 storage. This site also includes a new theme. Migration tests against the new site have begun, which will allow the team to review and triage functional requirements.

Stay tuned for future updates!
Demo Videos:
We shared a comprehensive migration video this month done by Scott Prater from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he walked us through the steps involved in migrating a small Fedora 3 repository to Fedora 6. You can see it here: https://youtu.be/Z-A2Ob2mxPI

Other videos to check out:
Fedora 6 Highlight Reel - see what features we are most excited about in Fedora 6.
Fedora 6 Performance Tracking with Grafana - take a look into the enhanced insight and performance tracking we now have with Fedora 6 thanks to Grafana. 

Or simply stay in the loop on Fedora 6.0 features by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Meet the Members - Episode 2: Rosalyn and Robin. Learn more about some of our fantastic community partners in last month’s Meet the Members Blog.
IMLS Grant Update - David walks us through the most recent developments from the Fedora Migration Paths and Tools Project.
  • An Islandora Open Meeting was held on March 30, 2021
  • Kyle Huynh from UTSC was on-hand to present on Standalone Ark Services and Ansh Sharma also from UTSC gave a demo on Annotating site text with Recogito JS
  • ISLE 1.5.5 was released for ISLE 7, Drupal and Islandora 7.x
  • Full release notes can be found here.
  • Islandora preps for release candidate!
  • Hyrax 3.0.0 was released - full release notes can be found here.
  • Highlights include:
  • Support for Rails 5.2 and Ruby 2.7 were added
  • Out-of-the-box metadata schemas were updated to more closely align with the recommendations of the Samvera Metadata Interest Group
  • File versions and transparent PNG’s are now supported by IIIF installation
  • Valkyrie introduced as a production dependency and custom adapter is introduced to handle backward-compatible use of Valkyrie within Hyrax
Stay tuned this month for the following:

Fedora User Group Meetings for North American time zones - Join us April 13-14, 2021 for the Online Fedora User Group Meeting for North American time zones. You can register and view the agenda here: https://bit.ly/3fIDAlu

Fedora Migration Validation Utility Release - The Fedora tech team, and pilot project partners have been hard at work finalizing the Fedora 6 Migration Validation utility and will be prepping for an Alpha release in the coming days. This utility compares source Fedora 3 data with migrated Fedora 6 data and produces a HTML report. This report will also be available as a TSV file.

Fedora at Samvera Virtual Connect - The Fedora team will be presenting at Samvera Virtual Connect April 21-22, 2021. Stop by and see our presentation titled Fedora 6.0: Bringing the Community Forward.  
In an effort to consolidate conference information for all community members, we have created an active Conferences section on the wiki which can be accessed at any time here. Our goal is to keep this as up-to-date as possible to provide a single source of information surrounding on-going conferences and workshops.

Upcoming Conferences

Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL) 2021 - May 24-26, 2021 (Online)
Fedora is designed, built, used, and supported by the community. If you want to get involved but don’t know where to start, dropping in to one of our weekly Tech calls is a great place to meet the team and find out what we’re working on. You can find more details here.
Is your repository listed in the registry? Help us maintain reliable information on the community of Fedora users around the world by registering your repository today. You can also request an update to an existing entry by selecting your entry and filling out the online form.
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