NOW AVAILABLE: Fedora 6.0 Beta Release

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Arran Griffith

Mar 3, 2021, 9:30:35 AMMar 3

Hello Fedora Community!

Today we are celebrating a momentous milestone - the Fedora 6.0 Beta Release is ready and available for downloading and testing! Most importantly, this brings Fedora 6.0 to feature completion and a full production release is on the horizon.

Here’s a brief outline of some highlights:

  1. Core is feature complete and fully aligned with Fedora API Specification

    1. Transparent persistence layer: OCFL

    2. Simple Search

    3. Improved scalability and performance

    4. Support for Postgres, MariaDB and MySQL

  2. Tools support

    1. Migration paths from F3->F6,  F4->F6, and F5->F6

    2. Docker

    3. Automated Deployment to AWS

    4. Metrics collection with Grafana and Prometheus


  1. Fedora 6.0 Beta

This Beta release consists primarily of bug fixes, code clean up and some new configuration options. The major externally facing feature that was added was support for direct containers. 

**Please note that any migrated content from the Alpha release will need to be migrated again due to changes in this release, however no further changes are expected between now and the production release.

** Also if you are using MySQL, a version of 5.8 or higher is required. Please let us know if this is an issue for your institution.

We also want to take a moment to highlight some individuals who have proven their dedication and commitment to the development of Fedora. Since the Alpha Release, the following individuals have devoted critical time and skills to on-going Fedora sprints to ensure we reached this milestone. Without their hard work we would not be celebrating today.

  • Daniel Bernstein - LYRASIS

  • Andrew Woods - Formerly LYRASIS

  • Jared Whiklo - University of Manitoba

  • Peter Winckles - University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • Ben Pennell - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • Ben Cail - Brown University

As always, we are now seeking feedback/testing from any and all users. We have captured and compiled a list of Performance and scale requirements for production release on the wiki. If you have additional requirements at your specific institution please add them to this page.

The fedora-tech mailing list or the #fedora-6-testing channel in the Fedora Slack is where we are collecting any and all feedback on this release. Simply letting us know that you are even testing the software would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again to everyone for helping us reach this momentous milestone. Cheers 👏


The Fedora Team

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