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Hamid Taghipourbibalan

Aug 9, 2023, 3:58:45 AM8/9/23
to FEDforum

I noticed that once a FED3 is about to release a pellet (the motor is turning to dispense a pellet ) in case the mouse makes a poke, the disc stops rotating as long as the poke is happening. This event is indeed logged as e.g. "LeftDuringDispense", but I did not know that the disc would also stop in those events.

Any particular technical reason for this? Because it also happens on FreeFeedingMode and even in FR modes it might affect the behaviour, e.g. a mouse inadvertently delaying reward delivery!


Hamid Taghipourbibalan

Ph.D. Fellow in Behavioral Neuroscience, Mccutcheonlab, UiT, Tromsø, Norway



Aug 9, 2023, 8:18:39 AM8/9/23
to Hamid Taghipourbibalan, FEDforum
Hi Hamid!
Whenever a poke is triggered (even during dispense) the FED3 will wait for the poke to finish so it can record the duration of the poke. If you want to stop FED3 from holding the motor during these pokes you can comment out the while statements in lines 348 and 359 of the RotateDisk function in the FED3.cpp file (this will also mean FED3 will no longer log the duration of those pokes).  

While pokes during the dispense will delay dispensing, the pellet dispensing takes ~1-2 seconds while the average poke is ~150ms.  So unless they're poking many times during the dispense I think the variance in the timing of the motor mechanism will be larger than what's added from these pokes.

Hope this helps! -Lex

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