Call For Participation - Opensocial V2 Specification

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Paul Lindner

Dec 10, 2010, 12:12:11 PM12/10/10
[Please forward to any potential venues you deem appropriate]


The OpenSocial Open Standards and Open Source Alignment Advisory
Committee would like your help designing the next version of
OpenSocial. OpenSocial V2 is a major upgrade from the v1.x series
and is tentatively scheduled to be available in mid-2011.

* The Goal

Our goal is to refresh the Opensocial technology stack so that it
becomes an even better way to implement interoperable social
experiences on the internet.

A lot has changed in the three years since Opensocial was first
proposed.  The community has made a number of incremental improvements
and added some big new features. We've also learned quite a bit about
what works and what doesn't.  We also realize that other communities
have done great work and we would like to align OpenSocial with those
other efforts.

Areas of exploration include but are not limited to:
- Aligning with Activity Streams, OStatus, SWAT0, and OEmbed
- Deprecating or wholesale removal of little used features.
- Removing ambiguity and tightening up the spec.

Overall we're looking to define and get consensus for the framework
and themes that will make the V2 specification successful.

* Deliverables

This group will deliver a document titled "The OpenSocial v2
Framework" for review by the Opensocial Board at their January 27th,
2010 meeting. It will:

- Describes at a high level the changes we want to see in Opensocial.
- Decides what's in-scope, out-of-scope and undecided.
- Identifies Champions for each of these changes and volunteers that
are willing to design and implement them.

* The Process

Recommendations will be developed in the open via the mailing list

To coordinate and catalog the proposals we will use the wiki doc listed below.

Each proposal should contain the following information:

Scope of change (Large, Medium, Small)
Reference to existing standard (if applicable)
Champion Name
Specification editor names and declarations of time commitment.

We will follow the general rule of OpenSocial spec development, five
+1 votes and no vetoes from Opensocial Foundation Members. Membership
is open to anyone by visiting

* Key Dates

December 16th - Opensocial v2 kickoff at Google in Mountain View,
California USA.

Please RSVP at
Full notes will be taken.

Weekly IRC chats starting December 20th

#opensocial on
Schedule to be determined at the Kickoff meeting, the plan is to
stagger times to accomodate Europe, Asia, North America

January 20th, 2011 - cutoff for all proposals.
January 27th, 2011 - present document for OpenSocial Board.

Thank You!

Paul Lindner
Former Opensocial Community Board member
VP Apache Shindig Project

Paul Lindner -- --

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