Origin trial for IdP Sign-In Status API and new features in Chrome 116

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Jul 26, 2023, 12:20:51 AM7/26/23
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Hello FedCM newsletter subscribers! We have a few updates to the API:

In Chrome 115 (current stable version), FedCM is getting support for auto-reauthentication which improves the user experiences and enables a more streamlined reauthentication to the relying party (RP) after the initial consent. Learn more about it in Support auto-reauthentication in FedCM article.

In Chrome 116 (current beta version), Chrome is shipping the following three new FedCM features:

  • Login Hint API: Specify a preferred user account to be signed in.

  • User Info API: Fetch the information of the returning user so that the identity provider (IdP) can render a personalized sign-in button within an iframe.

  • RP Context API: Use a title different from 'Sign in' in the FedCM dialog.

An origin trial for the IdP Sign-In Status API is starting in Chrome 116. The IdP Sign-in Status API is a requirement and will be a breaking change when it's shipped. If you have an existing implementation of FedCM, make sure to participate in the origin trial and provide feedback. You can find more information about FedCM updates in Chrome 116 in FedCM updates: IdP Sign-In Status API, Login Hint, and more.

Last but not least, we introduced a new Chrome flag starting from M117 (chrome://flags/#fedcm-without-well-known-enforcement) to support configURL that's not in the IdP's .well-known file. This is useful for local testing especially when an IdP has multiple deployment channels such as staging and production. Without this flag, only one configURL is allowed at a time.

If you have any feedback about the API, please file it on crbug.com.

Thank you!

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