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General info
This discussion forum and email list is used for supporting experimenters who use Fed4FIRE testbeds and tools (http://www.fed4fire.eu).

To post to this group, send emails to fed4fire-experimenters@googlegroups.com or post them through the web interface. Posts of non-members need approval from an administrator. Please use a good email subject which summarizes the question.

To subscribe to this list, use your google account and subscribe, or send an email to fed4fire-experimenters+subscribe@googlegroups.com (works also if you do not have a google account) or simply click here. Subscriptions have to be approved by an administrator, so it can take some time.

Information on use
The most relevant posts will be categorised by the administrators, so that on this frontpage you can also search posts based on particular categories. Therefore, it is not needed to select a category when you post something through the web interface, the administrators will do this for you later on. They will also add categories when needed.

If you want to have an overview of all posted topics, and not only the ones put on the frontpage by the administrators, just click on the button "Show all topics" (right top).