Naming conventions of .q files since release 6.7.9

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Kretz Tobias

Jan 31, 2023, 6:43:49 AMJan 31
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(apologies if I should have missed that this was already discussed)

It seems that with 6.7.9. the .q files follow a different naming scheme than before. The "p" seems to have been replaced by an underscore, for example " heptane_1_m_1_6_60.q" -> "heptane_1_m_1_6p60.q". The release notes of 6.7.9 have no indication of such a change. As a consequence .q files from 6.7.9 fail to be imported into our software and one of our customers got sstuck in their project.

Similarly, with release 6.7.6 some leading zeros were dropped from .q file names. This change was neither documented in the release notes.

Are these bugs? Such changes, particularly when they are undocumented, are difficult where FDS is used as part of a tool chain as downstream tools need to adopt the change and often one will end up with incompatibilites of version X of FDS with version Y of some other tool.



Jan 31, 2023, 6:55:49 AMJan 31
to FDS and Smokeview Discussions
That was an intentional change to try and be clearer that the ending is a complete number vs some indication of mesh and number of output for that mesh (6 p 60 = 6 point 60 = 6.60). Leading zeros were dropped to avoid the issue of picking how many zeros to have. Too many zeros and the file name is harder to read. Too few zeros and you have the issue of someone inevitably will run a case where you would need a larger integer. No leading zeros is more flexible. 

Fair crticism that a change like this should have been noted in the Release Notes.

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