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Feb 2, 2023, 8:58:19 AM2/2/23
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Goodmorning guys,
I'm Alberico Guerrieri, I'm a student of Energy engineering and I'm working with FDS for my thesis.

I have an issue and I hope that you could help me !

I'm trying to simulate a fire spread between LIB cells.

I had started from the source:
1) Add reaction -> Simple chemistry model -> I've inserted all the data related to a generic hydrocarbon.
2) Burner surface -> HRR per m^2
Till now everything have worked properly: SV (smokeview) displayed coerently the combustion process of one cell.

After I tried to define the burning process of the nearby objects:
3) Define a new material -> New material  -> Assumption that these objects are rappresented by a liquid fuel (same hydrocarbon of step 1) -> I put all the data related to this liquid, thermal properties and pyrolisis ones.
4) Define a new surface -> New surface -> Layered surface (correct ?) -> Material layers, here I put the material defined in point 3) with a certain thickness (I don't get which dimension I should consider along x,y,z of the 3D object ?) -> Reaction, I specified that everything is governed by the material properties and allow obstruction to burn away.
5) Assign this new surface to all the faces of the confined objects.

The problem is that the other objects don't change their temperatures as if they're all modeled with inert surfaces.

What do you think ?
Is the procedure correct to model this fire?

Kind regards,
Alberico Guerrieri

Kevin McGrattan

Feb 2, 2023, 9:48:54 AM2/2/23
Before embarking on this complicated fire scenario, you should create a simple test case consisting of a hot wall and single, simple OBSTruction nearby with the desired properties. The first thing to check is whether the object is heating up. If not, start on issue on the Issue Tracker.
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