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Welcome to the Discussion Group site for FDS and Smokeview.

IMPORTANT: When requesting to join the group, please provide a short explanation for joining the group so that we know you are not an automated web robot.  Thank you.

Policies for the Discussion Group have been posted here: CODE OF CONDUCT.

Before you post, please read Effective Posting.  In particular, please read the FDS User Guide.  It is a searchable PDF document with an organized table of contents that can answer many frequently asked questions.

The FDS and Smokeview homepage is https://pages.nist.gov/fds-smv.

For bug reports or feature requests go to https://github.com/firemodels/fds/issues.

To post to the forum you will need to have an account with Google. To setup an account click here.  You can use any email address for a Google account.

Use the file extension ".txt" when attaching input files.

If you are directed to try a "test" version of FDS, you can find it here.