Running fdlog on Puppy Linux

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Mike Rice kf7vzz

Jul 28, 2014, 6:12:57 PM7/28/14
How I installed FDLog on Puppy Linux.

It's a nice program, thanks for the work.

Running on USB, puppy slacko 5.7
got fdlog from
could not run. no python!

Go to
download python pet 2.6.4, install it

Go to, download and install:

Open a console and type "python" then "import Tkinter" you should see:

Python 2.6.6 (r266:84292, Nov 27 2010, 1947:39)
[GCC 4.5.1] on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license for more information
>>>import Tkinter

If no errors in the Tkinter installation, type "quit()" to exit python

Go to
download and install libgoocanvas3_0.15-0ubuntu2_i386.deb

Open Geany and select Edit > Preferences
In Tools change the Terminal
from    /usr/bin/xterm -e "/bin/sh %c"
to         /usr/bin/xterm -e ebash -c"

Open Geany and create a new document and enter this:

from Tkinter import *
root = Tk()
w = Label(root, text="Hello, world!")

Save it as
Press the Execute button [F5]
The program should execute without errors

The final piece is to make a libsqlite link:
ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Now fdlog runs, no trouble at all.
On Debian/LXDE, the selection buttons for freq/mode show as buttons.
On Puppy, the selection buttons for freq/mode show as "radio" buttons.
Just a small difference, does not affect usage.

References, and thanks for all the pets!
users technosaurus and afishe2000:


Alan Biocca

Jul 28, 2014, 6:39:54 PM7/28/14
Nice Work Mike, getting fdlog to run on Puppy Linux!

I've also heard that someone has run fdlog on a Raspberry Pi!

73, Alan, w6akb


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