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kheteshwar borawat

Feb 4, 2009, 1:49:44 AM2/4/09
  1. Indent & production of breeder seeds of different crops
  2. Distribution of certified / quality seeds
  3. Number of field crops varieties released by ICAR
  4. Number of horticultural crops varieties released by ICAR
  5. Crop varieties released & notified
  6. List of varieties / hybrids released and notified
  7. Varieties recommended for release/notification (Central & States release) during 2001
  8. List of certified varieties of horticultural crops
  9. Varieties recommended for release/notification (Central release) of Horticultural crops during 2001
  10. All India consumption of plant nutrients per unit of gross cropped area
  11. All India production of straight nitrogenous fertilizers
  12. All India production of straight phosphates
  13. Development of production of fertilizer materials
  14. Use of agricultural inputs
  15. Prices of fertilisers in terms of nutrients (inclusive of excise duty & exclusive of central and state sales tax and local taxes) (50 kg packing)
  16. State-wise consumption of fertilizer
  17. State-wise consumption of plant nutrients per unit of gross cropped area
  18. Uptake of micro-nutrients cations by some intensive cropping systems under optimum NPK rates
  19. Micro-nutrients requirements of different crops
  20. Nutrient contents of micro nutrient fertilizers
  21. Micro nutrient contents of some important fertilizers and manures
  22. Consumption of different pesticides
  23. Consumption of technical grade pesticides
  24. Consumption of pesticides in various states
  25. State pesticide testing laboratories
  26. Water requirement of crop
  27. Development of irrigation potential during plan periods
  28. Direct energy in agriculture
  29. Population dynamics of animate power sources
  30. Human energy use in crop production
  31. Contribution of various energy sources to farm power (1991-92)
  32. Traditional and improved implements
  33. Crops and their farm operation requiring mechanization as identified by various centres through mechanization studies
  34. Estimated requirement of plant protection equipments in India during 1997
  35. Energization of pump sets
  36. Trends in growth of population of bullock drawn implements
  37. Number of irrigation pumps
  38. Status of farm machinery industries in India
  39. Cumulative number of agricultural tractors (4 wheeler) and power threshers
  40. Year-wise production and sale of tractors and power tillers (All India)
  41. Changes in various energy sources
  42. Progress of farm mechanization
  43. Population growth trends in mechanical farm power sources in India
  44. Growth of mechanical farm power
  45. The status of biomass based power projects
  46. Composition of commissioned biomass power projects (MW)
  47. Potential availability of agriculture-based biomass (1993-94)
  48. State-wise distribution of family type biogas plants
  49. Installation of biogas plants
  50. State-wise installation of solar photovoltaic pumping systems (as on 31.01.1995)
  51. Installation of solar photo voltaic systems as on 31.12.1996
  52. State-wise distribution of solar thermal systems (as on 31.03.1993)
  53. Primary agricultural credit co-operatives (short and medium term loans) ? salient features
  54. Flow of institutional credit for agriculture

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