Effect of Different Utilization Types on Soil Properties in Napahai Wetlands

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Effect of Different Utilization Types on Soil Properties in Napahai Wetlands

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Article Abstract by: TsingHua

Author : Wetland Science
Published: June 30, 2005
Wetland in Napahai Plateau is situated at 99°37′~99°43′E and 27°49′~27°55′N, 3 260 m above sea level. Study area is composed of meadow, marshes, open water and surrounding forests. 4 kinds of land use types in NapahaiWetlands were selected to study their soil nutrient changes under human disturbances. The results of 2-year studies in the study area showed that the soil organic matter of marsh meadow, meadow and cultivated Wetland in Napahai reduced by 4.33%, 7.32% and 5.64% and their N reduced by 0.1%,0.33% and 0.16% respectively compared to primary marsh. Except for the content of soil available P and K was higher in cultivated wetland, other available soil nutrients had the same declining trends as soil organic matter and total N did. The results also showed that there were variances of soil enzyme activity from primary marsh to meadow marsh, meadow and cultivated wetland. In which, the trends of soil Protease activities and Catalase all were cultivated wetland>primary marsh>meadow marsh>meadow, of Urease were cultivated wetland>meadow marsh>primary marsh>meadow, of Polyphenol oxidase were cultivated wetland>meadow>primary marsh>meadow marsh, and of Sucrose weer cultivated wetland>primary marsh>meadow marsh>meadow. In the study, soil organic matter and total N of cultivated wetland were higher than thoes of meadow and marsh meadow affecting actually by cultivation and fertilizer application, which seems good for the soil quality but caused its wetland functions losing. The soil degradation index applied to explanation of soil degradation degree indicated that all utilization types were degraded and the cultivated wetland was most degradation type compared to primary marsh. From which it's suggested that cultivated wetland must convert to wetland so that the aquatic environment of Napahai can be restored and conserved.

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