Fcitx 5.0.2 and a new batch release of Fcitx 5 packages are now available

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Weng Xuetian

Dec 4, 2020, 11:59:40 AM12/4/20
to fcitx, fcitx-dev, fcitx-a...@googlegroups.com
Hi All,
New fcitx 5 release is now available. While most of the changes are
translation updates in this release, I'd also like to highlight some
new features and bug fixes.

This release has some fixes and new features:
1. Fix the menu usability issue under gnome-shell. Sometimes tray menu
items are not accessible. This is mainly because the menu will trigger
an unfocus event and input methods are hiding their related actions.
New code changes when those actions will be cleared and this should
not be a problem anymore.
2. Improved the classic UI theme support, including:
- KWin Blur behind the window
- Overlay image that will not resize with background
- Text alignment issue due the font fallback is fixed.
- Modify theme options from UI
- multiline text in candidate
3. More support for Flatpak builds.
Like necessary icon renaming, using the correct i18n path.
Now we have a NIGHTLY (not stable ones) flatpak build
. If your distro doesn't provide fcitx 5 update, you may give it a
try. You should be able to use it with fcitx 4 im module.
4. Minor fixes on fs::cleanPath and fcitx::Rect
5. Mozc now supports new mode of displaying usage and default to on Focus mode
6. New features in Chinese addons:
- support typing paired “” together (disabled by default)
- Ctrl Delete/Backspace to delete whole pinyin/table segment
- 2nd 3rd candidate selection key will now be handled before
trigger key (fcitx 4 behavior)
- changing opencc profile
- new phrase constructed table will use the actual code being
typed instead of a fixed one.
7. Misc:
anthy now support build with anthy-unicode
fcitx5-gtk now builds without fcitx5
A try to fix kcm "unscrollable" page issue
A key handling issue in unikey under chromium
Rime deploy will not trigger 4 notifications

Some highlight for packagers
- now fcitx install icons with new name, and symlink to the old icon name
- mozc changes its way to handling icons from hard coded path, check
scripts/install_fcitx5_icons for the new path
- rime renames its icon with fcitx- prefix.
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