Fcitx 5.0.16 is now available

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Weng Xuetian

May 23, 2022, 1:39:02 AMMay 23
to fcitx, fcitx-dev, fcitx-a...@googlegroups.com
Hi all,
Please find the highlights in this batch of updates below. The release
contains lots of bug fixes, but also some noteworthy new features.

One important change is that the composing (e.g. Multi key/Compose
key) now supports a new mode inspired by Gtk, which shows preedit, and
allows type some dead key symbol directly.

Another change is the user input method (custom keymap) support in
fcitx5-unikey. If you have a keymap.txt that you use on Windows, you
may now import that to fcitx5-unikey and start using it.

Fcitx 5.0.16
1. improve the "Configure" tray menu icon under KDE
2. Fix x11 based tray icon not show text.
3. Fix screen dpi detection when the screen is rotated.
4. Fix quickphrase data file parsing for string that contains "quote".
5. A new compose mode that shows preedit and backspace-able. If you
don't like this change, you may revert the option in "keyboard"
addons/input methods config.
6. support "shadow offset" for classic ui (won't work for
zwp_input_method) (#474)
7. Fix some issues of layout translation and modifier key. (#469)
8. read xkb option under gnome-wayland (#467)
9. Make xembed icon not show if SNI is available.
10. Fix SNI menu content not updated when using libdbusmenu-gtk
11. Support restart and update detection within flatpak.
12. Add no preedit apps support for wps.

fcitx5-chewing 5.0.11
1. Display aux string (#11)
2. Add support for easy input mode
3. Fix a bug that the layout is not applied.

fcitx5-chinese-addons 5.0.13
1. use half with punctuation after typing the numpad number. #98
2. Allow use numpad to select candidate #92
3. Table auto selection will now select the current cursor instead of
the first candidate.

fcitx5-configtool 5.0.13
kbd-layout-viewer5 can be launched under wayland (via xwayland)

fcitx5-gtk 5.0.14
1. Workaround dbus issue within vivaldi
2. add shadow margin support for client side ui

fcitx5-qt 5.0.12
1. add shadow margin support for client side ui
2. improve static plugin build, no need to copy two static library but one
3. fix quickphrase editor

fcitx5-rime 5.0.13
Allow to open the user data directory from the configuration.

fcitx5-unikey 5.0.10
1. Fix user im support, now user keymap can be loaded from
2. Add a keymap editor that allows editing keymap from GUI
3. Fix missing translation

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