Fcitx 5.0.14 is now available

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Weng Xuetian

Feb 1, 2022, 7:35:31 PMFeb 1
to fcitx, fcitx-a...@googlegroups.com, fcitx-dev
Hi all,
This is mainly a bug fixing / translation update release. Kudos to the
new translators!

Also there's some other news I'd like to share: There's a separate
project that tends to bring fcitx to android and it is being actively
developed. The code is currently available at
https://github.com/rocka/fcitx5-android-poc/ . Right now, it only
bundles engines in fcitx5-chinese-addons. It is still in a very early
stage, and we haven't worked out a standard API solely designed for
virtual keyboard. The future plan includes having a common API for
virtual keyboard on both android and regular Linux so we can also have
real fcitx based virtual keyboard on linux desktop.

If you are interested in giving it a try, you can find the apk in the
repository link. Please be aware that there can be bugs and missing

There's also some updates on features and bug fixing that I'd like to
highlight below.

fcitx5 5.0.14
1. support populate keyboard layout configuration to KDE5 under wayland.
2. A fcitx5-wayland-launcher tool to use the same fcitx instance with
multiple wayland compositors.
3. Fix a crash when building with libevent.
4. Generates coredump on crash.
5. Refactor wl_shm code to use modern shared memory API on linux/BSD
6. Fix wayland input method protocol under weston
7. Fix paging button not clickable under vertical layout

fcitx5-gtk 5.0.12
1. Fix language tag in client side ui
2. Enable build without X11 if gtk doesn't build with X11
3. Fix paging button not clickable under vertical layout

fcitx5-qt 5.0.10
Fix paging button not clickable under vertical layout

fcitx5-anthy 5.0.9
Small fix in the paging logic. Now it's possible to always go to the
next page regardless of current cursor position.

fcitx5-rime 5.0.11
Show option change in notification.

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