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Sep 14, 2011, 3:52:43 PM9/14/11
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I use FBReaderJ on an eInk device, a rooted Nook STR. It works fine
except for two issues.

One, a very small issue, the Nook unmounts the SD card every time I
plug in the USB, and lazily remounts it about three seconds after I
unplug it. This is fine for the library on the SD card...FBReaderJ
forgets all books if it's running, but then reloads the library when
it's back. The problem comes about with keymap.xml. If FBReaderJ
wasn't running, and I launch it too fast before the SD card is
mounted, it never finds keymap.xml. The same issue keeps me from
autostarting FBReaderJ, because the SD card, like I said, seems to be
mounted fairly lazily, whenever the Nook gets around to it.

Any chance we could get reloading of keymap.xml at the same time the
library is reloaded? Or, alternately, a different path we could put it
in? (I suspect I could find the actual default one and overwrite it,
but that's just asking to get overwritten on upgrades.)

The other issue, and this is one is more annoying, is the fact that
the library, for some unknown reason, is white text on a black
background. That looks absolutely horrible on eInk devices, and
inexplicably appears to be unchangeable. I have at least two different
ways to change the color of the reader, and no way at all to change
the color of the library. At least let us invert it.

Also, and this is just a feature request: Any chance of getting
hierarchical tags like the desktop version apparently has? I don't use
it, I use Calibre, but it has hierarchical tags and they are very
nice. (It uses . instead of /, but I think it would be trivial to make
a rewrite rule for that.)
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