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Nov 15, 2014, 12:17:55 PM11/15/14
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I'd like to update a group wall. 

Wallpost does basically work when I send a simple message but when I send a link it doesn't seem to work 

Here's the command 

fbcmd wallpost 166418556707144 "POST Message" "www.url.com/page/

where the number is the group ID. 

When I send just the message everything is fine. When I add the URL it does turn into a link that goes to www.facebook.com - neither the link works nor is the image from the page used in the link - as it would be with a normal post-command 

adding a placeholder for the Post Name ("0") doesn't change anyting so this gets me no better result: 

fbcmd wallpost 166418556707144 "POST Message" 0 "www.url.com/page/

And when I just post the link such as in 

fbcmd wallpost 166418556707144 www.url.com/page/ 

I do get the text-link but without any title, comment or image. 

Probably a simple error but which one?
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