Recommended update: websocket-extensions 0.1.3

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James Coglan

Nov 11, 2017, 6:36:40 AM11/11/17
Hi folks,

There was recently a security advisory about the ws package relating to its handling of the Sec-WebSocket-Extensions header:

This bug meant that a client could send a header containing JavaScript Object property names, for example

    Sec-WebSocket-Extensions: hasOwnProperty

in its handshake, and this would cause an error in the handshake parser and crash the process.

I looked into whether websocket-extensions is vulnerable to this. It does have the same bug, but it should not cause a denial of service. It is already a documented feature of its API that it throws an error on invalid headers, and so websocket-driver and everything built on top of that is written to catch any errors from websocket-extensions.

So for our modules, the bug just means the socket connection fails, but the server keeps running. This is probably fine since a client sending extensions with these names is probably malicious and not something a legit end user is relying on.

I've just released websocket-extensions 0.1.3 which fixes this error, so the header is parsed successfully and the unknown extension names are ignored. I'd recommend everyone install this update as soon as possible.

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