Announcing Faye version 1.3.0

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James Coglan

Jun 8, 2020, 11:31:52 AM6/8/20
Hi folks,

It's been a while since the last significant release of Faye -- things
are fairly stable these days aside from the occasional maintenance
issue. Today I'm publishing version 1.3.0, which collects a series of
minor improvements and fixes that we've accumulated since 1.2.4. They

- Support `user:pass@` authorization in URIs and send `Authorization` headers
from the Node HTTP transport
- Support IPv6 hostnames in URIs
- Allow credentials (cookies and `Authorization` headers) in cross-origin
requests, by:
- setting `Access-Control-Allow-Origin` to the value of the `Origin` header
(not `*`)
- enabling `Access-Control-Allow-Credentials`
- Enable credentials when sending cross-origin requests
- Don't disconnect WebSocket on page unload if `autodisconnect` is turned off
- Catch errors when creating a WebSocket, which happens when Content Security
Policy blocks it, allowing other transports to be tried
- Fix a bug in the client where it handles messages from other clients as though
they're the server's response to its own messages, based on the `id` field;
now we only treat messages as server responses if they contain `successful:
- Stop sending an empty message list `[]` from the WebSocket client as a
keep-alive mechanism since CometD does not accept this message
- Fix deprecation warnings for using the `new Buffer()` constructor
- Switch to the Apache 2.0 license

As usual, you can install the release via npm or rubygems. Do let me
know if you have any issues or questions.

Best wishes,
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