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Aug 3, 2015, 7:18:22 PM8/3/15
to Fat Free CRM Developers
I am using FatfreeCRm and customizing it. The guys I work for uses Slim and the project we took over has views done in HAML.  I installed `slim-rails` gem and converted on view to Slim. What I noticed is that the hooks don't get rendered.

FFCRM is mounted as an engine.

Has any one  used FFCRM with Slim? What steps do I need to follow to use slim in the application.


- if (template = template_for_current_view)
| list
= render(template, :account => @account)
- else

/ default view

= styles_for :task, :contact, :opportunity, :lead, :invoice

= render 'accounts/title_bar', :account => @account


= render "comments/new", :commentable => @account
= render :partial => "shared/timeline", :collection => @timeline
| Before hook
= hook(:show_account_bottom, self, {entity: @account}) do
| Inside hook
= render :partial => "tasks/tasks", :locals => {:object => @account}

= render partial: "contacts/contacts", :object => @account

= render "leads/leads", :object => @account

= render "opportunities/opportunities", :object => @account

- if @account.supplier?
= render "invoices/invoices", collection: @bills, category: 'bills'

= render "invoices/invoices", collection: @invoices, category: 'invoices'

= render "versions/versions", :object => @account

= load_select_popups_for(@account, :tasks, :contacts, :opportunities)

Steve Kenworthy

Aug 4, 2015, 2:21:57 AM8/4/15
I've not used slim before so I'm not sure how it works but for FFCRM, the hooks are basically registerable template helpers that are called when the template is rendered.

Perhaps the slim template architecture is not seeing the function or calling it? You might want to put a debug statement in the line above to see if it's actually being called when the template is rendered. Are you getting any error messages?


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Ziyan Junaideen

Aug 6, 2015, 10:18:54 AM8/6/15
to Fat Free CRM Developers
I will give it a try. I actually reverted to use Haml. I will keep things posted and dig in  to see and if I find some thing will post here or make an issue in the Github repo.

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