Need your ideas on a bootstrapped theme for FFCRM

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May 9, 2016, 2:24:07 AM5/9/16
to Fat Free CRM Developers
Hi all,

We are working on redoing all the views for FFCRM in a bootstrap front-end and I need help with how to layout certain pages. See attached. I need help with working out the layouts to certain views. The WIP git repo branch is

The areas that I need inputs on are on
  • List views vs. tabular views for related items. e.g. list of opportunities for a contact. What would be the most preferred and easy to use layout - mobile or desktop
  • Layout of input forms - considering only keeping to two-column layout for desktop and single column for mobile. 
  • Layout of detail page for an entity - each entity's detail page will be 2 column for desktop for each of the fields. Textarea fields to be in a single column. This would mirror the input form.
Look through the attached screenshots and offer specific suggestions - primarily as screenshots to other pages that would work well.

The current branch - may not work for you if you clone and try to test as it has a significantly longer list of changes including using;

These are a few ambitious goals; containerize the entities, so additional entities can be added easily and provide an REST api so we can slap on different UIs on top easily, and also rails5 support (this is a separate branch)

if you want to follow along and offer any ideas/suggestions you can find me and a couple others on
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