New release of FastNetMon Community: 1.2.3 London

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Pavel Odintsov

Oct 17, 2022, 7:06:15 AM10/17/22
to FastNetMon user group
Hello Community!

I'm very happy to introduce one of our most significant and largest releases of the FastNetMon Community: 1.2.3.

We have a long standing tradition to name releases after towns in the United Kingdom and that's a time to pay tribute to our capital which is where FastNetMon LTD headquarter is located.

This release includes a completely new network packet parser and new state of the art XDP traffic capture plugin.

You may find the full list of changes below.

New capabilities:
  • Added new AF_XDP plugin for high efficient XDP based traffic capture
  • Added IPv6 support for sFlow plugin
  • Added configuration option logging_level to control log level between info and debug
  • Switched systemd unit files to use simple daemon type and disabled our own forking logic
  • Reworked very error prone and complicated to use and maintain json-c to modern nlohmann/json
  • Reworked IPv4 per network counters to completely new unified counters logic
  • Removed ExaBGP backed Flow Spec implementation due to API compatibility issues
  • We deprecated configuration field notify_script_pass_details and enabled it by default. You need to read stdin attack information for both ban and attack_details actions
  • Reduced number of packets for attack confirmation from 50 to 20 as 50 is too much for sampled protocols
  • Complete migration to new high efficient native C++ network packet parser which has full support of IPv6 and GRE tunnelling
  • Reworked total traffic counters to use unified class total_speed_counters_t
  • Switched HTTPS client to use TLS instead of outdated SSL
  • Add logic to export usage statistics with the goal to learn more about customer platforms and most popular features in FastNetMon. It can be disabled using configuration option: disable_usage_report = on
  • Breaking change in logging configuration, we replaced our snowflake 'logging:' prefix by standard 'logging_'
  • Added logic to catch stacktrace in case of segmentation fault
  • Added logic to restart FastNetMon in case of failures using systemd capability: Restart=on-failure
  • Improved statistics for AF_PACKET
  • Addressed race condition in API logic for unban and ban operations
  • Removed dependency on json-c
  • Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.1.1q
  • Upgrade Boost to 1.80
  • Added dependency on libelf (AF_XDP plugin)
  • Added dependency on libbpf (AF_XDP plugin)

To install or upgrade: FastNetMon Community we recommend using our automated installation tool:

In addition to FastNetMon Community we offer FastNetMon Advanced which includes plenty of exclusive features to push your DDoS defense to the next level:

At any time you can request completely free one month trial for Advanced edition:

Will be happy to answer any questions here or off the list.

Have a great week ahead.



Kind regards,

Pavel Odintsov

CTO, FastNetMon LTD

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