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Nick Fawcett

Dec 16, 2020, 2:10:37 PM12/16/20
to FastNetMon user group
Entry: [INFO] Time from last run of speed_recalc is soooo big, we got ugly lags: 2

I noticed that I get a handful of these per hour.  What exactly is going on?  Does the average_calculation_time need adjusted?  What affect does it have if I increase it?  If increased does that affect the pps/mbps calculations?


Pavel Odintsov

Dec 16, 2020, 2:58:10 PM12/16/20
to Nick Fawcett, FastNetMon user group

Typically you can ignore this error when it happens less often than once per minute.

In many cases it caused by Linux scheduler when it allocates time for another task.

When it happens every few second then it’s sign that FastNetMon is not able to calculate traffic for all your hosts in 1 second.

You may consider switching to more powerful CPU (single thread performance matters) or you can switch to advanced version which can do speed calculation much more efficiently.  

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