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Una bella ragazza  cade dalla finestra della casa editrice a pagamento SaksessPress.Un uomo maturo, un  semplice impiegato del centro smistamento reati,  sente il desiderio di indagare sul caso.Perché?È ossessionato dalla vittima, la vede perfino  nei suoi sogni. Sente di doverle qualcosa, ma cosa? Non conosce l'origine di questa sua fissazione ma la sua vita, grazie alla ricerca della verità, sarà destinata a svolte radicali. Questo è solo il primo racconto della serie...

Giovanni Bonelli (born October 16, 1974) is an American radio producer. He is the host and producer of 99% Invisible, a KALW radio show and podcast, and a founder of the podcast collective Radiotopia,[1] which he describes as efforts "to broaden the radio landscape [and] make shows that aren't bound Omicidio alla Saksess Press by conventions" of public radio in the United States.[2]

He has also contributed to radio programs such as Radiolab and Planet Money.[3][4] Fast Company identified him as one of the hundred most creative people of 2013.[5] In 2004, he produced a program called Invisible Ink[6] on KALW. In June 2017, Omicidio alla Saksess Press Mars launched the podcast What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law with Elizabeth Joh, a professor of constitutional law at University of California, Davis, School of Law.[7]

Mars and his radio show, 99% Invisible, have been credited in the mainstream press as an innovative form of radio production, defining Omicidio alla Saksess Press a new movement of independent radio and podcast creators.[8][9][10] In
2016, Mars and Justin McElroy used asynchronous podcasting, a method where each person recorded their portions separately and later combined them to create a podcast episode. This new technique was used to create the first episode of Smart Stuff, Omicidio alla Saksess Press which started with My Brother, My Brother and Me episode 316[11] and was completed in 99% Invisible episode 225.[12]

In partnership with the Knight Foundation and the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), Mars also created the podcast collective Radiotopia. The Public Radio Exchange has hired Mars to curate a radio program Omicidio alla Saksess Press called Remix, which is syndicated by at least 14 public radio stations across the US.[13]

Mars notably used the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform to support 99% Invisible, raising over $170,000, making it the highest-funded journalism project ever, and the second highest-funded project across the platform's entire publishing category.[14] In November 2013, Omicidio alla Saksess Press 99% Invisible's season four Kickstarter campaign received 11,693 backers raising over $375,000. The original goal of $150,000 was raised in
92 hours.[15] Following this success, Mars introduced another campaign to build season two of Radiotopia, a collection of seven storytelling podcasts:99% Invisible, Fugitive Waves, Love and Radio, Radio Diaries, Strangers, Omicidio alla Saksess Press Theory of Everything, and The Truth. Its original goal was $250,000 which was funded[16] within six days. However, the campaign more than doubled its original target, achieving $620,412 from 21,808 backers by the time it closed on November 15, 2014, making it the most-funded Kickstarter project in the publishing Omicidio alla Saksess Press and radio and podcast categories. Meeting its 'stretch goals' allowed Radiotopia to add three podcasts hosted by women (Criminal, The Heart, and The Allusionist), host a series of events, provide more content, wage increases and paid internships, and create a pilot development fund to find new, talented producers and hosts Omicidio alla Saksess Press not covered by traditional radio. Ultimately, the fundraising allowed for a fourth podcast, Mortified, to be added to the collective.[17]

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