bootstrapTheme Readable - using Lora not Georgia on detail page?

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Rick Cogley

Oct 28, 2014, 10:15:34 AM10/28/14
Hi - on fargo sites using the readable bootswatch theme, the default index page is using Lora as the headline and Georgia as the body. 

But when you click through to the detail page for any given post, it's Lora for both the headline and body text. 

I'm using WhatFont extension in Chrome to check them, since I noticed a visual difference. 

Is it intentional to have the detail page have a different font from the top page? I'd like to have Georgia as the body for both the index page and the detail page, but when I looked into the css, it is pretty hard (for me) to figure out what classes to override. 

If anyone happens to have faced this issue and knows what classes to set to override the body-text Lora, that would be grand. 

Thanks in advance. 
Kind regards

Rick Cogley

Oct 28, 2014, 5:50:11 PM10/28/14
In case it's relevant: 

* My main outline cogley.opml


* top page with Lora as titles and Georgia as body text

For reference,
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