[Far Manager 0004004]: From some versiof of FAR all dialogs does not contain size of objects in bytes, only in KB/MB/GB/TB - worse than Explorer

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Aug 28, 2023, 12:57:04 PM8/28/23
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Reported By: alexfbg
Assigned To:
Project: Far Manager
Issue ID: 4004
Category: Panel.Info
Tags: panels
Reproducibility: always
Severity: major
Priority: normal
Status: new
Date Submitted: 2023-08-28 19:56 MSK
Last Modified: 2023-08-28 19:56 MSK
Summary: From some versiof of FAR all dialogs does not
contain size of objects in bytes, only in KB/MB/GB/TB - worse than Explorer
From some version of FAR interface of dialogs (info panels, etc) is totally
changed and all information about files, space, folders, any objects that have a
"size" properties, now shown only in KB/MB/GB/TB, and there is no possibility to
know the full and exact size in bytes.

For example, QuickView panel:
Folder "X:\DATA"

Folders: 124
Files: 743
Files size: 165 GB
Allocated size: 165 GB (100%)

Cluster size: 4 096
Files slack: 688 KB (0%)
MFT overhead: 1,26 KB (0%)

I want to see exact size in bytes, for example:
Files size: 165 GB (177 167 400 960 bytes)

Even Windows Explorer allow to see exact size in bytes!
FAR now is not show this information and you are UNABLE to get it in any way!
It seems like a FAR user now a worse than a Windows Explorer user. Like
absolutely non-technician guy. (More improvements it is a like "Folders: About
~100, Files: About ~750"

The same thing with the free space on disk and memory:

[-]─────────────────── Fixed disk X:\
(NTFS) ───────────────────────
Space, total 4,00 GB
Space, available 0%, 12,5 MB
Volume label DATAVOLD2
Serial number 1234-5678
Committable, total 82,4 GB
Committable, available 56%, 46,4 GB
Addressable, total 128 TB
Addressable, available 99%, 128 TB
Physical, total 63,9 GB
Physical, available 2%, 1,71 GB
Physical, installed 64,0 GB

I can't now understand what real size of disk in bytes, how many bytes are
really available. (In some cases I need to know this byte-to-byte, when creating
some vdisks). So now I need to use... Windows Explorer! To check free space and
check allocated space!

Who had made this interface "blonde"-"optimization"? Even Windows Explorer shows
more information! This is unusable now :(

Maybe is it possible to make some option in Interface settings or somewhere
[x] Show sizes in bytes too
and if you are checking it, you'll have something like:

Space, total 4,00 GB (4 xxx xxx
xxx bytes)
Space, available 0%, 12,5 MB (12 xxx xxx

and so on.

The same in the main panel, when selecting:

║ │ ║
╟─────────── Bytes: 176 750 028 393, files: 0,
folders: 1 ────┴──────╢
║XXXXXXXXX 165 G 03.09.19 13:21║
╚═══════════════════════ 0 B
(1/10) ═══ 137 G

165 G, 137 G -- non informative in some cases.

(I found only one location, where "optimization" was not made and behavior was
not changed (very good) - it is a calculated size of selected folders/files.
Here you see a correct information in bytes!). [176 750 028 393]

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