Bug? NearCry and Skins installation

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Stephen Moretti

Jan 7, 2009, 11:55:45 AM1/7/09
to farcr...@googlegroups.com
Its been a while since I look at farcry (over a year), but loving FC5.1 - Its all looking very lovely chaps. :D 
I have noticed a problem with friendly urls, but I need to work out what the problem actually is and check the bug list.

I've created 2 sites; one that uses the standard mollio skeleton and one that uses the nearcry skeleton.  
I had to bodge the install of the nearcry site a bit, as I couldn't find the skinskittlish anywhere.
I tried to use the skinBlueprint, but that doesn't seem to have worked and doesn't show up in the skin config section as its not marked as a skin type plugin.
When I noticed that skinBlueprint was missing the <cfset this.type = "skin" /> bit, I had a look at some of the other skins in SVN and found that lemon twist was set up correctly so that the blog plugin can find it. So I exported it and installed it and switched to it....

The styles changed and I see elements from the webskin folder ie. page title now says "farfromfearless", but, as I've typed this email I've realised, that it appears not to have copied the www part to a skinlemontwist folder in www folder of the project.

Having answered my own question, sort of, I'll investigate and post a bug or a fix or both when I work it out.



Stephen Moretti

Jan 7, 2009, 12:06:19 PM1/7/09
to farcr...@googlegroups.com

2009/1/7 Stephen Moretti <stephen...@gmail.com>
ahem... Of course, I did just find the skinskittlish download note on the http://docs.farcrycms.org/display/FCPLUG/FarCry+Blog wiki page...  

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