Fapws3 for python3: 1 month of test period

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william opensource4you

Feb 8, 2012, 4:24:21 PM2/8/12
to fapws

Since several days I'm doing all kind of crazy tests concerning the
python3 branch of Fapws3.
Some important bugs have been fixed :-), but now Fapws3 resists to all
my possible attacks on my Archlinux machine.

I will thus open a period of 1 months where you could test it and
report issues you could get.

After that period, a merge of branches will be performed and python3
will become the master branch.

How to proceed those tests:
- grab the python3 branch of Fapws3 from the github website
- simple installation by doing: python setup.py build
- personally I do not perform the "install", but prefer to use the
PYTHONPATH environment variable pointing to build/lib.linux-i686-3.2/
1st set of test:
- in tests/unittest, run server.py
- Then, if you are running python3.x execute the test.py, if you are
running on python2.x run test27.py
- results should be all successful.
- You can do it with "socket" too :-) In other words, by running
"python server.py socket" AND executing "python test.py socket" or
"python test27.py socket"
2nd set of tests:
- use the ApacheBenchmark ("ab") to assure Fapws3 does not have memory
leaks. With "ps aux" check that the value of VSZ and RSS are not
continually increasing.
You can run it for each of the URL defined in tests/unittest/server.py
ab -c 10 -n 1000, ...
3rd set of tests:
- assure the samples provided are running correctly.
4rd set of tests:
- run your own tests. In such a case, thanks to be as much as possible
precise with what you are doing. I'll try to reproduce the case.

In case of issue, thanks to provide me as much details as you can.
Python version, libev version, exact test, and the error reported. In
case of crash, the output of the gdb back trace is welcome.
To got it, just launch gdb with python: "gdb python"
Then run the python script: "run server.py"
After the crash, request the back trace: "bt"

Thanks for your collaboration


william opensource4you

Feb 21, 2012, 2:22:53 PM2/21/12
to fapws
Personally, I've successfully run Fapws3 (branch python3) on:
- Linux with python3.2
- Linux with python2.7
- FreeBSD with Python2.7
- DragonflyBSD with Python2.6
- NetBSD with Python2.6

For each of them I've run the ab-test.sh without any difficulties
(except /longzipped on NetBsd).
And I've never got memory leaks :-)

This is quite a surprise to me to see that a python code dedicated for
3.x is running on python-2.6.

I'm specially looking for Mac feedbacks ... Any one with a mac under
the hands could test it ?


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