Some news concerning the future of Fapws3

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william opensource4you

Dec 11, 2011, 6:21:32 AM12/11/11
to fapws
Hi all,

After this summer period spending time on other hobbies, I'm back on Fapws.

Firstly I would share some user's feedback I've received ...
Mostly, the fact that some users are really happy to run several
websites on the same tiny server (without performance impact).
Some have reported a very good stability feedback; fapws instances
directly exposed to internet are running +100 days. The shutdown was
because of enhancements on the web site, not due to Fapws it self ;-).
I've also got feedback from persons willing to use it as an embedded
system: providing a web interface for motioning purposes.

Since Python3 is coming more and more within the major distros, I plan
to adapt the code to the new Python rules.
To not loose the very promising feature of http-push provided by
Carrucio, I've put it in a separated branch called "http-push" and
I've started the migration to python3 within an another branch called

I'm new to Python3, so help from more experienced people is very welcome.

Once this will be done, I would modify the way Fapws is managing the
POST command. Indeed, for the moment all POST data are put in memory.
This should be avoided. Imagine the case of an attacker post a 1GB file !!!



Christopher Mahan

Dec 11, 2011, 1:16:54 PM12/11/11

awesome! It's such a great tool!

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