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Christian Zagrodnick

Apr 24, 2014, 3:32:33 AM4/24/14

in production deployments we usually have a frontend proxy cache to
cache static and semi-static resources. We've discovered some behaviour
which I want to discuss.

BLUF: New resources are served under the old url causing cache poisoning.

In the scenario there are at least 2 backend instances (A and B) being
updated and restarted after each other. So the have the states old and
new (A_old, A_new, …)

1. A_old is updated and becomes A_new
2. A_new serves a HTML page with versioned resource URLs.
3. The browser from step 1 loads the versioned resources from B_old
with the *new* URL. B_old serves the *old* resource with *new* URL.
4. The proxy stores an old resource with the new URL.

There are sevearal solutions to this:

1. clear the proxy cache after update
2. don't cache static resources
3. Don't serve resources with "wrong" urls.

Currently we're doing 1 or 2 and I'm courious what you think about 3. I
fear it might be a bit expensive to check the URL for each resource
request. So this might need to be a configuration option … 

Do you have any comments?

Best wishes,


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