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Mick Grimes

Aug 31, 2020, 8:24:52 AM8/31/20
I have been trying Family Gem for the last few days and I like it ,
I transferred my gedcom to it from another App FamilyGTG and it mostly works ok , but when I tried to update some marriage dates I cannot seem to find a way to do so . I have to go back to my other App and update it there and then send it back to this app. In the edit section there doesn't seem to be a "marriage " in the event section. Is there something I'm missing

mick grimes

Michele Salvador

Sep 15, 2020, 12:47:02 PM9/15/20
to Family Gem

Hi Mick,

thank you for your appreciation!

There doesn't seem to be a "marriage " in the event section
You are right, there is no marriage event in the person profile. Marriage indeed is a family event.
You can find and edit an existing marriage under the family page, or add a new marriage with Family › ➕ › Event  Marriage.

Help page about that.


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