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Jan 3, 2021, 4:45:13 PMJan 3
to famil...@googlegroups.com



I don’t know wether this is the right place for my question.. but with my best whishes to all of you for 2021, can you please consider what I am facing :


  • Using GrampsAIO64-4.2.8-1 on PC, which provides my .ged file
  • On PC, the file is not hidden ,has not write/read protected
  • Tryng to import that file with « Family Gem » that runs on  my tablet (.ged file has been transfered on tablet first)
  • The app returns EACCESS Error  (permission denied)


Thank you for any view/help


Paolo CIRI

Garanti sans virus. www.avast.com

Michele Salvador

Jan 16, 2021, 9:06:17 AMJan 16
to Family Gem
Hi Paolo,
The steps you described are correct.

Maybe you need to grant Family Gem the "storage" permission?
Settings > Apps > Family Gem > Permissions > Storage

Another solution is to put the .ged file into the app "external" storage:
Family Gem can always read from there.

Anyway I refactored the GEDCOM import process to be more reliable.
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