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Bebe Ferenc

Feb 21, 2021, 7:33:08 AMFeb 21
Hi Michele

Congratulations on your sensationally good and excellent application of FAMILY-GEM.APK
I would suggest a few things:
1 / Read-only setting (default) in Setup setting would be important.
2 / I suggest the option to display the PersonalID, display the PersonalID in the left corner in the Facts view and relatives view.
4 / Create a name index list and display the content (ID, name, year of birth, year of death, (location)).
5 / Can be used for name search, then Relatives view and Descenant chart view or Ancestor chart view.
6 / It is useful to show the divorced deceased wife (husband) and their children in a diagram.
    - currently only appears for direct queries.
I recommend trying windows program VIEWGED.EXE -  ViewGED 1.02 Free Download
Regards   Ferenc B.B. levelezőrendszerből küldve
Lépj be vagy regisztrálj
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