[BAPA] A platform that generates revenue even when members are not using their mobile device. (Add additional revenue to existing revenue)

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Apr 4, 2021, 3:27:09 PMApr 4
to family-gem
We are sending you an email to introduce a platform that can generate additional revenue from the [Family Gem] app.

A few months ago, we launched BAPA, a monetization platform that allows you to monetize all members who have installed the app.

BAPA is a service that monetizes users who do not use the app directly through home screen advertisements.
(Demo video: https://files.bapa.site/home_button_action.mp4 )

As of March 27, 2021, 268,705 people even when not using the app contributed to the app owner's monetization, and 3,575,478 KRW(about $3,163) in additional revenue was generated during the day.

The BAPA SDK detects'home screen switching' in the background of the device and displays an advertisement.
For example, when using the'Facebook' or'Instagram' app and then'going to the home screen', an advertisement is displayed, and in this case, 1 KRW is paid to the app owner.

For [Family Gem] app
Number of downloads: 10,000 ~ 50,000
Actual number of members (estimated): 4,000.

If you use BAPA in this app, in addition to your existing revenue, you will incur additional revenues of about 1,800,000KRW (about $1,592) per month (the number of actual members * 1 KRW * (Move-home-screen 15 times) * 30 days).

Below are frequently asked questions and how to integrate SDK.
You can check it at https://ad.bapa.site/, but if you need more detailed explanation requests/suggestions/custom UI provision, etc., please feel free to reply by e-mail.

We will respond within 24 hours, including weekdays and weekends :)

Sincerely yours,

What is a home screen advertisements
Mobile users use the app sometimes and sometimes not.
So even with a million app downloads, the number of people who actually access the app per day is far less.
However, if a background service checks for'specific behavior' and displays an ad, it will be able to show the ad to 1 million people every day.
BAPA recognizes that the member moves to the home screen and displays the service UI, which incurs revenue for the app owner.

How to use: Show ads only when using a specific app

How to use: Callback when rewards are accumulated
public void onRewarded(String packageName, long apptime) {
Log.d("onRewarded", "1 KRW has been accumulated.");

How to integrate SDK and make money
1. Go to https://ad.bapa.site/#sdk.integration and click the Google Sign-in button.
2. Sign up by entering basic information about your company.
3. Register the app you own.
4. Follow the'App Integration Guide' displayed.
5. Make money by distributing the app to Google Play.

Google Play Policy
BAPA complies with the Google Play Store app distribution policy.
Example of showing advertisement in service UIExample of showing advertisement in service UI(BAPA SDK)
BAPA's partners have been verified several times by Google, but they are running without problems.
This is because it does not interfere with the behavior of users, and this monetization method is registered with our patent.

Please refer to the explanation on 'Complying with the Google Play Store app distribution policy' in the link below.

Sample Project
android sample : https://github.com/lingobong/android.bapatest
phonegap sample : https://github.com/lingobong/phonegap.bapatest

Sincerely yours,

Company name: BasicLabs.
Representative: Ryu-JeNa, Ryu-JaeWan
Business Number: 213-35-98005
Location: 40-4, 18an-gil, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Patent number: 10-2199651-0000
Email: man...@bapa.site
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