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Alicia Adams

Feb 26, 2021, 12:59:26 AMFeb 26
Hi first I want to say I'm so far liking the app. Im a writer who likes to make family trees for my larger stories especially when things get tangled. Im enjoying the ability to link multiple families for one person. I like being able to list dates and names. I love that I can pair same sex couples and have no problem when it comes add kids.

However I do have some issues or complaints that may be because it's still new to me.
1. While I love being able to have poly relationships listed. I hate that they don't show in the diagram. It forces me to choose between individual pairings so that they show up. It's like is I list Regina, Daniel and Emma as a couple and they have 3 kids. It will only show Regina and Daniel on the diagram so I have to tag Emma as another marriage just to get her to show up.

This also leads to double copies of family listed in relatives as I try to link Emma to the kids. So that if I click on a child all three parents families appear and not just two.

2. I love that I can link parents separate like Olivia was raised by a single mother and I don't have to list a father. However if I know the father and want list him it gets tough because he then automatically listed as husband to Serena.

Basically I wish there was away to change relationship between characters like Emma is Mary and David daughter but Mary was never married to each other. It'd be nice have the ability to change it from husband to lover or boyfriend and in extreme cases donor or rapeist (Victim). The same could be said with family members yeah it's nice that Callie can have Colleen and Robert as birth parents, Colleen and Donald as legal parents and Stef and Lena as adoptive parents. That's three mothers and two fathers it would be nice to be able to go in and label birth, legal, adoptive, Foster, Guardian.

3. I like that I can list dates and events but I wish I could move them around like with Regina and Daniel I can list their marriage then list a command law marriage to Emma but while marrgie appears under Regin, Daniel and Emma but common Law is at the bottom. So it would be nice to have things appear together or something.

I think that it for now sorry if I confused you. I can deal without everything else but it really bugs me that poly relationships don't appear fully on diagram. Keep up the great work 
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