google penalizes my site too

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Elliot Temple

Nov 9, 2020, 12:46:32 AM11/9/20
to, FIGG

i saw your article about google penalizing your dictionary site. sorry. that sucks.

google penalizes my blog. here are two examples:

google penalizes pages that contain a comment that links to a Project Veritas youtube video:

that is an automatic penalty which goes away if you hide the comment, reappears if you show the comment again, and can be applied to old pages by adding a comment. you could presumably penalize any blog with public comments that you wanted by posting comments linking to videos google hates.

google penalizes a page for talking about genes and iq:

ironically, my position on the matter basically agrees with what i think google prefers. i think the algorithm can’t tell that. it just sees me talking about the sensitive issue and sentiment analysis on other pages shows my site has some right wing views in general. i was also quoting someone with a position about genes and iq that google would hate because i was debating him, so my page contains statements google would dislike...

i’ve noticed various blog posts penalized when I or one of my readers tries to search for an old post and can’t find it – then finds it easily using other search engines.

google and youtube also frequently deboost political commentators they don’t like, e.g. Tim Pool or Brittany Venti.

i don’t have good enough analytics to know what affect google’s penalties have had on the size of my audience over the last 18 years. maybe it didn’t hurt much. maybe it cost me a lot of fans. i have no idea. i just know i’ve been mistreated to an unknown and intentionally, dishonestly hidden degree.

i have switched my default search engine.

Elliot Temple

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