Using Apple Script in fake to find a product code in excel spreadsheet in column A and past an value from clipboard in row C?

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Darryl Comley-White

Nov 20, 2013, 5:21:08 PM11/20/13

Much appreciate your help.

I have a spreadsheet with products listed in rows and details of the products in the columns.

I am trying to get excel to find a product code within column A and then paste the corresponding value that is already in the clipboard (from fake) into Column C. I am using the following script:

tell application "Microsoft Excel" set searchRange to range ("A1:A5") set foundRange to find searchRange what "AM100" with match case set fRow to first row index of foundRange set myData to value of range ("B" & fRow as text) set theClip to the clipboard as text

end tell

I can't seem to make the paste happen in column C on the same row where the product code has been found.

Please help...

Many thanks Darryl

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