Problems with CSS "Click HTML Element" not working: Southern California Edison website

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Karl Mitchell

Oct 16, 2013, 2:58:31 PM10/16/13

I've been using Fake a little, and have come up with a pretty good script for downloading production data for my solar panels from a monitoring company.

However, I tried similar for my electricity provider, Southern California Edison (, and have hit a brick wall.  Using Fake, I've been able to script the entire login process, and navigating to the correct page.  It clicks on the Download link, which opens a small menu with two links (Download as HTML Text or Download as Spreadsheet) and neither of them work.  In both cases, the "Click HTML Link: with text: Download as Spreadsheet" command, which runs a javascript, fails.  I can click them manually, so the webpage doesn't seem to be at fault.  It is however, very slow and clunky.  

The link I want to fire up is as follows:

<div class="elementCSS">
<a href="javascript:OpenDownloadXLS();" onclick="OpenDownloadXLS();" style="color:black; " class="toolTipCalendar" onblur="ShowSelectedRow(this, 'IN');" onmouseover="ShowSelectedRow(this, 'IN');" onmouseout="ShowSelectedRow(this, 'OUT');">Download as Spreadsheet</a>

No error is reported under Fake, and nothing comes up on the Console. The CSS menu vanishes, much as it would if either clicked, or the background was clicked.  Note that this div only appears when the Download button is called, which opens a small menu.  I have tried variations of Click HTML Element and Click HTML Link all to no avail.

Any suggestions?  I can't provide login details for security reasons.


Charlie Garrison

Oct 17, 2013, 8:13:25 PM10/17/13
Good morning,

On 16/10/13 at 11:58 AM -0700, Karl Mitchell
<> wrote:

>The link I want to fire up is as follows:

Rather than a Fake action to click the link; how about a Fake
action to run Javascript; and use the following (from the
tag/link 'onclick');


That should achieve the desired result.


Ꮚ Charlie Garrison ♊ <>

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