Changing ID's per instance.

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Dec 27, 2014, 10:45:14 PM12/27/14
Hello all, 

Hopefully there is someone that can help me. I have a field that I want to set in a webpage. 

Inspect element shows the following:

<input id="306.10001910.1800000304" name="306.10001910.1800000304" value="" class="" style="height:19px;width: 240px" title="">

Now when I create a new (let's say request ticket in this webpage) inspect element shows me this:

<input id="306.10001910.1800000305" name="306.10001910.1800000305" value="" class="" style="height:19px;width: 240px" title="">

As you can see both names and id's increment. 

The incrementations are not preditable as other people can make a instance. So I think I need to a way to add a wildcard because the first part is static 306.10001910.*****

Has anyone coped with this problem before? If yes how did you solve it.

Thank you


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