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Francois Husson

Aug 31, 2022, 11:54:17 AM8/31/22
Without the dataset and the lines of code, it is difficult to answer. Can you anonymize the column and row names and send the code and the data?

Le 16/08/2022 à 17:24, Jan Fuhse a écrit :
I am getting an error when trying to use the sup.col function in a CA.
My code looks like this:
ca_schl2 = CA(schl_ct2, ncp = 5, col.sup = 9:12, graph = FALSE, row.w = NULL)
This leads to:
Error in crossprod(as.matrix(X.col.sup), U) : non-conformable arguments
The data seem not to have missings, and I get no error message when using:
ca_schl2 = CA(schl_ct2[,1:8], ncp = 5, graph = FALSE, row.w = NULL)
Only, this doesn't give me coordinates for the passive columns ...
Also, all of the rows and columns have valid 1 entries. In fact, the problems only come up when I use the col.sup function, if not all is fine.
Does anybody know what the problem is, or how I can fix it?
Thanks a lot, and best!
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