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Is full of surprising and largely unknown facts. There are approximately 200 countries, billions of people, a wide range of species of plants and animals, and nature's secrets, all of which are full of fun, fascinating, and interesting facts. The following is a list of the top ten amazing facts about the world, which you should check out if you enjoy discovering new information about the world.

1. Fastest Gust Of Wind In Australia, an island known as Barrow Island was struck by Olivia, a tropical cyclone. This tropical cyclone was so powerful that it broke the 1934 New Hampshire wind record of 231 miles per hour to become the world's fastest gust of wind, reaching 353 miles per hour.

2. Best Place to See Rainbows Who doesn't love to look at a rainbow and admire the beauty of nature? Hawaii is the best place in the world to see rainbows. The American Meteorological Society says that Hawaii will be the most beautiful rainbow sighting in 2021. Because of the mountains, rain, pollen, pollution, and a lot of cresting waves, this place has the best rainbows, both in terms of quantity and quality.

3. Flowers are changing colors, but it doesn't just happen overnight. However, a recent 2020 study by Clemson University scientists has demonstrated that this phenomenon, which we cannot see with our eyes, is caused by global warming. The amount of ultraviolet radiation reaching Earth has increased as a result of the ozone layer's depletion. The UV pigmentation of flowers has increased as a result of increased UV radiation, which has deteriorated their pollen and posed challenges for pollinators like bees.

4. This may seem odd to you, but it is a fact: whale song maps the floor of the ocean. In an effort to mate with a female, male Fin whales sing incessantly. Scientific American claims that it is the most audible song ever recorded by any marine life and can be heard up to 1000 kilometers away. Due to its depth of 2.5 kilometers, it can be used to sonically map the ocean floor. Scientists can get precise measurements from this sound's reverberation. Compared to air guns, which are the most common tool used by researchers, it is more natural for sea life.

5. Plants That Fossilized on Green Land Although an ice sheet covers most of Greenland, this wasn't always the case. Britannica claims that Greenland may be the only and largest remnant of the Northern Hemisphere's Pleistocene glaciation. Scientists have discovered fossilized plants and well-reserved biomolecules under the ice sheet, about 1.4 kilometers from the core. This indicates that once the vast ice sheet melted, it became green and reformed into the ice we see today.
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