HELP California law hurting face Painters and entertainers

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Mar 7, 2020, 12:23:21 PM3/7/20
to Wcfp, Lilly Classes
You might not realize that a law was ALREADY passed January 1st. It is now it illegal for you to bring another artist with you to a gig.

They're really targeting anyone who acts as an agent as well. In fact the woman who wrote this law, democratic assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, calls them labor brokers. An old slave term.

To be clear, you can bring someone else with you two again. But you can no longer just hand them a check. You have to make them an hourly employee. Take care of sick leave, workman's comp insurance, do all of that great withholding stuff. In order to make that work, figure you're going to have at least $2,000 a year in administration costs.

So what if you don't? 

At the state level, businesses found in violation of AB5 face the risk of enormous financial penalties, including:Unpaid employment taxes and penalties; Penalties of up to $10,000 for failing to have workers compensation insurance; Additional penalties of $5000-25,000 per employee if found guilty of “willful misclassification.” Businesses may be liable to pay “misclassified” employees back wages and overtime, and compensation for meals and rest breaks. They may be liable for unexpected unemployment insurance and workers compensation payments and employee discrimination claims.
They may be subject to additional federal penalties and fines.

SNAIL MAIL AND FAX!!! The truth is social media is not effective an a way to reach our politicians. And if they don't like you, as Lorena Gonzalez hates all of us, they will just mute you!!!  See her recent post where she just brags about it. 

It has been said we're looking at at least 650,000 letters sitting on their desks before it will make one bit of difference. So please, look up who all of your state reps are AND the senators and representatives in Congress where the national bill is being considered now. And it's not enough for just you to do it, you need to make sure that your friends who are concerned for your safety, and probably for their own, also write these letters #ab5 .

I also strongly suggest you look up who voted for this. And then see who voted against doing the repeal of it that was up just last week. I can save you some time and tell you that it was 100% Democrats who think this is a great idea, and 100% Republicans who are fighting it.

It's frustrating to have to make it a Democratic vs Republican issue. 95% of all of my face painting balloon twister children's entertainer friends are Democrats. But the cold hard reality is that they  are shoving this horrible Totalitarian bill down your throat.

This bill was funded and pushed by Lorena Gonzalez, who is All Pro Union. I have also attached her Twitter where she was excited about this exact issue.

I have never in my 15 years of being in face painting use this forum to suggest who you should vote for. But this issue is going to really impact all of you. If you can never be brought in again by an agent or another face painting artist? You need to consider for the next election voting Republican.

Even more frightening, there is a national bill called the ProAct. The Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives ALREADY passed a bill that effectively would nationalize the provisions within California’s AB5 law, which severely constricts the ability of companies to hire independent contractors. The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, introduced in Congress last year, expands the definition of “employee” and “employer” to discourage the classification of workers as independent contractors WRITE your concerns then FAX or SNAIL MAIL YOUR SENATOR to stop it from going through in the Senate!!!

So, assuming you read this far it's, what can you do about it other than lots of faxing, letters, voting Republican, or spending at least another $2,000 a year so that you can actually hire someone to come help you with a gig two or three times a year!
I put down all the things that I have learned in this little article. Realized that most of your Solutions are actually illegal at this point, but at least it will protect you a little bit

We need you to get involved! And to get your friends and family involved in writing letters and sending faxes.

- Lilly
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