How to start with facebox?

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Grind Grindman

Sep 19, 2014, 12:36:11 PM9/19/14

Anybody can tell me what the tool (no,no f***) is facebox, how I Can use it, and how to start? I'm registered user on gitHub, but urfortunatelly have no time now to complete the info.
Please, someone who is patient - tell me how to use it step by step? ANd What kind of profits i could potentially had from using it. I know well jqery and stuff, so no problem with that. JUst instructions how to use. I have now a crossover ubuntu and debian. I allways loved linux ;) Sorry for laic questions,buy i'm really verry bussy now. I haven't sleept lastnight working on photos. so excuse my curious english. Oh, I'm from Poland,a and very interested in programming over the law, oh sorry - over the all time. Thanks and Greetings!

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